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In case you did not already know, our our bodies can do wonderful issues. For a brand new mother, producing breast milk is among the most wonderful things–the stuff is actually liquid gold as a result of its full of many wonderful properties and has big dietary advantages in your child. You’ve additionally most likely heard the phrase, “Do not cry over spilled milk,” however if you happen to’ve been lucky sufficient to breastfeed, you know the way treasured breast milk is, and that you do not wish to waste a single drop. So what occurs if you end up having extra breast milk than your child can eat and your freezer is already full? Let me share with my very own experience–what I want I might’ve generally known as a brand new mother, and what inventive issues you are able to do with that further liquid gold!

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Why Do You Have Further Breast Milk?

  • You’ve gotten an over provide: This one is the most typical reason–some ladies have further luck and produce a considerable amount of milk. It normally occurs most through the first few months after the newborn is born, and may occur if you happen to’re pumping along with breastfeeding your child.

  • Your child developed an intolerance to the meals you had been consuming: What you eat can have an have an effect on in your child’s tummy. When you’ve discovered the milk you have been producing has precipitated an issue in your child, you could have a surplus of pumped milk you can not use. Fortunately, what might have an effect on your child’s tummy might not have an effect on one other’s, in order that milk would not need to go to waste.

  • Your freezer stash of milk is close to expiration: When you can hold breast milk frozen for as much as 12 months (6 months is greatest), it would not final perpetually. This may occasionally depart you with a surplus of milk you can’t expend in time.

  • You thawed an excessive amount of milk: I positively did this with my first baby–I would retailer an excessive amount of breastmilk in a single bag, fairly than dividing it up, or the newborn wasn’t as hungry as I assumed, so I used to be left with an excessive amount of.

  • Child did not end their bottle: In case your child did not end all their milk when consuming from a bottle, do not worry–you can nonetheless use it!

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What Can You Do with All That Further Breast Milk?

Whether or not it is rather a lot or just a bit, there are some fairly superior issues you are able to do with that milk, and I am excited to share these with you! 

  • Donate itThere are millions of moms who want breast milk for his or her infants, some ladies cannot produce sufficient on their very own or their child cannot latch on. Usually infants within the NICU want donated breast milk as a result of the mom’s milk hasn’t are available but. Regardless of the cause, donated milk is all the time so appreciated. There are mothers you might know personally or by teams on social media who you possibly can contact to take your further milk. (Be aware, the FDA recommends in opposition to taking breast milk and donors that have not been screened.) Or you possibly can donate to a milk bank. Donated milk from a milk financial institution may be very secure since it’s examined for sickness that could possibly be handed by the milk, and the containers holding the milk are additionally examined for any dangerous micro organism.
  • Use it medically: I proceed to be amazed by this, and I’ve seen proof of breast milk serving to my youngsters medically. Whether or not it was with decreasing scarring or redness on a scratch, serving to out with a clogged tear duct, and even serving to with a gentle case of pink eye! In fact, discuss to your physician about any questions you could have concerning your kid’s well being, however I’ve seen it assist with these and plenty of points. 

  • Make breast milk jewelry: That is severely the cutest factor to do along with your breastmilk! You possibly can ship off a small quantity of breast milk to a enterprise or purchase a equipment and make it your self! From rings, bracelets, and necklaces, it is a nice technique to keep in mind your nursing/feeding journey between you and your infant

  • Make meals/popsicles with it: I cherished doing this with my youngsters. I used my further breast milk with child meals. I might combine it in with their meals to assist make it style extra acquainted and to offer the best consistency. I might additionally use this to make teething popsicles. My infants cherished this because it supplied a good way of reduction and in addition gave them a yummy snack!

  • Tub time: Pour your further breast milk in your child’s tub. This has been stated to assist your kid’s pores and skin, soothing issues like eczema, diaper rash, cradle cap, and extra! 

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Different Makes use of for Your Further Breast Milk

  • Make cleaning soap or lotion
  • Rub it on stretch marks
  • Easy it on a sunburn
  • Deal with bug bites with it
  • Put it on sore nipples

Bear in mind:

  • At all times write a date in your breast milk bag. This can can help you decide what you possibly can safely use it for comparable to in feeding, milk tub, and so on.
  • Acquire each ounce. I’ve discovered that when breastfeeding and I’m having a letdown, it is a good suggestion to have a milk collector close to in order that no quantity of breastmilk is wasted.

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Is not it thoughts blowing to know of all the chances in your further breastmilk?! There are actually so many advantages to breast milk due to its extraordinary properties! I’ve cherished serving to different moms by donating it, utilizing it to assist with clogged tear ducts, and plenty of different issues!

Each ounce of breast milk can be utilized, so do not toss it. Even when it is expired it may be used for one thing apart from consuming! It is magic. Most significantly, keep in mind to get pleasure from this breast milk journey and to additionally not be exhausting on your self if you cannot produce or select to not give breast milk.

If you wish to use breast milk to assist with any of the next above, I promise there shall be a mother or place who would gladly donate! Cheers to mama’s milk!