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There may be plenty of data surrounding conception, being pregnant, and different points of reproductive well being ensuing from the vastly totally different experiences that individuals encounter recurrently.

Egg donation is a delicate subject and any misinformation might pose a big menace to each the well being and outlook of potential dad and mom towards assisted replica.

Listed here are some myths about egg donation that you ought to be conscious of that will help you navigate this space of reproductive data higher.

Donating eggs depletes a girl’s egg provide

egg donation

Girls usually have between one to 2 million eggs of their ovaries. By ovulation, a girl could lose just a few hundred eggs throughout ovulation. In an egg donation, solely 10 to fifteen eggs are retrieved, and it’s thus unreasonable to conclude that donating eggs is more likely to deplete a girl’s egg provide.

One of many first steps within the egg donation course of is the evaluation of 1’s egg shops. It’s because docs and reproductive consultants worth fertility above all else. If hormone checks and ultrasounds reveal low ovarian reserves, the candidates are duly knowledgeable and the egg donation course of is halted.

Eggs are solely retrieved from girls with considerable egg shops, the place docs stimulate the manufacturing of between 15 to twenty eggs for extraction. After the egg donation course of, girls are left with hundreds extra eggs for when they’re prepared to start out or develop their very own households.

Donating eggs can lead to donor infertility


Very similar to some other medical process, there are some downsides to egg donation. Girls who endure the process could expertise some bleeding, ovarian torsion, and even develop a minor an infection. 

Nevertheless, infertility is just not one of many potential downsides since no proof has categorically proven that donating eggs could cause infertility.

Egg donor fable: Any girl may be an egg donor

egg donor

That is wildly false as a result of each girl is just not robotically eligible for egg donation. Girls can solely be thought of viable egg donors in the event that they meet sure particular standards. 

These embrace

  • An age vary between 21 and 30 which is taken into account a great candidate for egg donation 
  • Ovaries which might be absolutely intact and in good well being.
  • Have a Physique Mass Index (BMI) below 25 
  • A transparent household historical past that particulars probably inheritable illnesses. 
  • They need to additionally take a look at damaging for leisure medication, nicotine merchandise, and sure pharmaceutical medicines that may negatively have an effect on wholesome egg manufacturing.

There isn’t any restrict to the variety of eggs a girl can donate

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Pointers from the society of reproductive drugs usually point out {that a} girl can ideally donate her eggs as much as 6 instances. The time interval between two donations is set by a fertility physician who presents session on egg donation.

Due to this fact, a girl can not donate eggs indefinitely as a result of it’s thought of poor medical apply. 

In the US, the American Society for Reproductive Drugs (ASRM) units authorized limits for the egg donation cycle. Related organizations exist in several jurisdictions, with the idea for the restrict advice being rooted in concern over the cumulative danger accrued after six egg stimulation and retrieval procedures.

Girls who donate their eggs solely do it for the financial profit

financial benefit

Many individuals mistakenly assume that monetary compensation is the first motivation for a lady to donate her eggs. The fact is that egg donors have sturdy motivations to assist others develop their households, primarily understanding that they’re serving to another person who’s in want.

Whereas there’s some compensation for incurred bills and time used, egg donors require some psychological dedication and bodily funding that’s not to be taken seemingly. 

Due to this fact, potential egg donors are rigorously screened to make sure they’ve the fitting motivation to stick to the medical suggestions realized throughout an egg donation cycle.

Solely girls of their 40s profit from egg donation

older women egg donors

Whereas the amount and high quality of a girl’s eggs are affected by growing age, it’s not the only real purpose why egg donation could also be needed to comprehend conception. Different reproductive issues like infertility and genetic circumstances can contribute to a person’s want for donated eggs.

Untimely Ovarian Failure (POF) is one such situation that arises when a girl’s ovaries don’t perform usually earlier than the age of 40. 

Whereas it may be handled, there have been many circumstances of unsuccessful remedy thus necessitating an egg donation process. 

Additionally, same-sex male {couples} require an egg donor and a surrogate when looking for to start out or develop their households.

Donating eggs is painful

egg donor pain

Opposite to widespread beliefs, retrieving eggs from a girl is painless. Girls present process the process are sedated and due to this fact don’t expertise any bodily sensation. Throughout egg donation, donors are put below mild IV sedation to assist stop any doable discomfort.

The process is kind of quick and lasts about half-hour. To make sure that all egg donors obtain adequate care and medical intervention, clinic employees monitor egg donors for an hour or two after the process whereas they get well and regain full performance from the sedation.

Nevertheless, some unwanted side effects are widespread after the process reminiscent of nausea, bloating, and cramping. These unwanted side effects are brought on by the hormone photographs usually administered two weeks earlier than the extraction of eggs.

Egg donors are carefully monitored as soon as the follicle stimulation course of is initiated, and the aforementioned related results are likened to sturdy bouts of PMS. 

Nevertheless, if the signs are extra extreme than these usually anticipated, the medicines are halted instantly and any related discomfort usually fades inside hours with little danger to the ladies present process them.

Probably the most severe dangers linked with egg donation cycles considerably scale back as soon as a girl has handed the required screenings reminiscent of bodily and psychological checks, evaluations of medical histories, and associated reproductive evaluations.

Donating eggs could cause most cancers

Latest medical and scientific investigation has not proven any tangible connection between donating eggs and experiencing ovarian most cancers. Analysis on this explicit discipline continues to be at present ongoing, and you’ll watch the house to make sure of it.


Although egg donation has develop into extra widespread with extra instructional sources being accessible to most people, the myths talked about above and plenty of others proceed to flow into in society. 

To achieve a greater understanding and clear up any confusion about egg donation, attain out to medical professionals and skilled people by way of our various neighborhood.